Miniature American Shepherd Temperament and Lifespan

Miniature American Shepherd is cheerful, obedient and affectionate little dog that loves to be a part of the human family. This cheerful and faithful dog prefers the company of younger members of the family and always willingly takes part in the active children's games. However, the breed has a highly developed herding instinct, so it can try to "graze" people biting their heels. This undesirable behavior can be partially eliminated with the help of an early socialization and training (simple

Miniature American Shepherd evinces a certain share of suspicion toward strangers. At the same time it never bites or shows other kinds of aggression without serious provocation. This dog usually is not only responsible for herd management, but also for the protection of domestic animals. Therefore, it is characterized by a strong instinct of a defender, by which it is usually obtained from a reliable guardian dog. However, a petite American Shepherd is different enough with the ferocious appearance and too modest in size can be considered a good choice if you are looking for a guard-dog for the property. The representative of this breed is always attentive and alert to their surroundings, so it is perfect for the role of guard dog. The dogs of this breed live about 12-13 years.

How Much Does a Miniature American Shepherd Cost and Price Range

The average price for the Miniature American Shepherd is about $500-$900. The price will depend on the dog quality as the pet quality dogs always cost less in comparison with the breed and show quality dogs. This fact should be taken into account while choosing your pet.

Miniature American Shepherd Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

Weight: 7-13,5 kg.

Height: 33-46 cm.

Color: all kinds.

Exterior: the small Australian Shepherd head is medium-sized, muzzle is elongated, nose is brown, forehead is fairly wide, eyes are brown, attentive, with a friendly expression, ears are set high, medium-sized, hanging, legs are straight, medium length hair is thick, medium length, moderately undulating , the tail is medium in length, covered with thick long hair.

Miniature American Shepherd Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

This sociable and friendly dog gets on well with its relatives, if it had the opportunity to communicate with them from puppyhood. Miniature American Shepherd is simply happy to live in the same house with one or more dogs with the same cheerful and active mind. Although this dog seldom comes into conflict with unfamiliar dogs intentionally, it should always be on a leash during walks. Well-mannered representative of the breed is also friendly with other pets, especially if they grew up together from a young age.