Scotch Collie Temperament and Lifespan

Its bright appearance is recognizable everywhere, its impeccable service characteristics and its personality even bribes those who don't consider themselves to be dog fans. Sure, we are talking about a collie - Scottish shepherd, whose purpose was to protect the sheep flocks from attacks of predators -

According to one version, the breed has got its name after one of the Scottish sheep - with a black tail and black mask which was called "colley". Another theory assumes that the name of the breed is associated with the English word "coaly", which means "black as a coal." There is also a third assumption: according to it, "Collie" is derived from the English "collar" - translated as "collar", and in this embodiment, it is possible to see a hint of the gorgeous mane and frill of Collie.

These beautiful dogs live from 12 to 14 years depending on the living conditions.

City resident who knows Collies only by their appearance, seeing them on the streets filled with people, where there are no sheep, that is, outside their normal environment, can hardly do justice the mind of Collies and their real value. To know Collie better, it is necessary to see them at work, in places teeming with sheep, observe with what dexterity they surround their scatter "flock" in the vast hilly spaces.

How Much Does a Scotch Collie Cost and Price Range

The price for Scotch Collie puppies varies from $600 to $1200. You need to check all documents before buying the puppy as the price depends on the quality of the dog. The show quality puppies always cost more. If you need just a pet, you can find the lower price. It will also depend on the breeder.

Scotch Collie Colors, Shedding, Full Size and Average Weight

The appearance of these dogs is really royal: the proud posture and proportional form, muscularly built, graceful movements, thick and long hair, elongated head, wide-set ears, dark almond-shaped eyes that glow with intelligence. There are several color varieties: copper-gold with white inclusions and black with red markings. Collie usually looks full of confidence and nobility generously exuding friendliness. As for their sizes then you can see Collie males 20-29 kg and females 17-25. Their height is up to 61cm for males and 56cm for females.

Scotch Collie Breed Characteristics, Information and Facts

History of the dog breed Collie is full of true facts and at the same time it is difficult to find out the origin of this dog for sure. The first mention of the Scottish Shepherd belongs to the 14th century to the poet John Chaucer.

Then the representatives of this breed have been described in the books: "British dog", "History of quadrupeds" and in the "British Encyclopedia of dogs." Everywhere Collie is described as a shepherd breed that has long hair of black or black-and-white color.